TECNIS® Symfony Intraocular Lens

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TECNIS Symfony intraocular lens | Susskind & Almallah Eye AssociatesFor patients with cataracts and presbyopia (age-related far sightedness), we're happy to provide the newly FDA-approved TECNIS® Symfony Intraocular Lens. Unlike other monofocal and multifocal IOLs, the TECNIS® Symfony IOL provides a new optical technology that treats an extended range of vision-related issues.

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As we age our eyes become less adapt at being able to focus on nearby objects. This condition, called presbyopia, causes farsightedness as we age and happens to most people over the age of 50. For patients who also suffer from cataracts, an ocular condition in which the lens of the eyes become cloudy, resulting in blurry vision, the combination of disorders can be troublesome and problematic for daily life.

The TECNIS® Symfony IOL is a premium intraocular lens that is implanted onto the eye during cataract surgery and is approved to correct both the blurry vision of cataracts and the farsightedness of presbyopia. With traditional IOLs, most people still required reading glasses after cataracts surgery. While their blurry vision was addressed, presbyopia still remained. Even multifocal IOLs which addressed the issue of farsightedness, still had problems with glare, halos, and contrast sensitivity on the eye's lens, making vision in some lighting situations difficult. By using a combination of a unique diffractive pattern with achromatic technology, TECNIS® Symfony IOLs deliver a high range of field of vision while maintaining contrast.

Benefits of TECNIS® Symfony IOLs

When looking to fix vision-related problems like cataracts and presbyopia, it is best to understand how each option may help your condition. There are many benefits to choosing TECNIS® Symfony IOLs over other intraocular lenses, including:

  • A continuous range of high-quality vision for far, intermediate, and near distances
  • No compromise in distance vision compared to monofocal lenses
  • No glare or halos on lens, as can happen in multifocal IOLs
  • Most patients no longer needed glasses for long distance and many no longer needed glasses for intermediate sight
  • Few reports of lens-related negative effects
  • Minimal recovery time, with many patients able to return to normal activities after 24 hours
  • Delivers clear, continuous vision for patients with or without astigmatism

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