Saving Women's Sight

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April is Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month, which should serve as a reminder that maintaining ocular health is of paramount importance. Not only do two-thirds of cases of visual impairment occur among women, three-quarters of visual impairment is considered to be preventable or correctable. The first step toward maintaining good vision and effectively treating eye disease involves prevention. Bear in mind that diseases such as glaucoma usually occur without the notice of the patient. Thus, it is only through regular and thorough vision screening that diagnoses are made and treatment is begun before potentially unalterable damage occurs. No woman should be so busy that she cannot schedule a comprehensive eye exam that could lead to circumventing needless vision loss.
If you think you’re at risk for glaucoma, and haven’t had a medical eye examination in the past two years, you may want to call SUSSKIND & ALMALLAH EYE ASSOCIATES, P.A.