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All three of these doctors worked together to save my retina, removed cataracts from both eyes and repositioned my left eye lenz & partially stitched closed my pupil to reduce excess light exposure. All this from a tennis ball injury. Very professional, excellent staff of doctors, close to home and managed to make me see better than I had seen in the last plus 15 years! BRAVO
- Joseph Randazzo
I can honestly say that now I enjoy my seasonal activities more than ever!
- Patient of Susskind & Almallah Eye Associates
I want to thank you for being so skillful and capable, my vision is great!
- Patient of Susskind & Almallah Eye Associates
I can't begin to tell you how much the qualiity of my life has improved!
- Patient of Susskind & Almallah Eye Associates
Dear Dr. Almallah, Prior to October 2001, my vision was at best marginal for distance. My astigmatism made my vision even harder to tolerate without glasses. My career in Laser Vision Correction began in 1999 beginning with my certification as an excimer laser technician. I became certified as a surgical assistant for Lasik in 2000. My education and clinical experience assisting over fifty different Lasik surgeons during my training provided me an opportunity to understand lasik and has prepared me very well to research the procedure for myself. I learned first hand how successful the procedure could be, but only in the hands of the most skilled and talented surgeons. Your detailed medical evaluation of my eyes was thorough and having observed you operate first hand on hundreds of patients, I was certain that I wanted you to operate on my eyes. I had decided this procedure would improve the quality of my life. It was hard to imagine that years of wearing glasses would be a memory in twenty minutes. I was also amazed that the recovery time was so short. I had my Lasik done on Friday and my family and I enjoyed the weekend traveling to visit friends. In short, I want to thank you for being so skillful and capable, my vision is great! Forever grateful,
- Edwin C. Brooks
Dear Dr. Almallah, Please accept my deepest thanks for all you have done to make my vision amazingly clear! I am a very active person. In the winter I enjoy skiing and in the summer, boating. As you know, I could not tolerate contact lenses well and my glasses made my life miserable. I can honestly say that now I enjoy my seasonal activities more than ever! I will be telling all my friends about Lasik and what a wonderful experience it has been for me the last 3 years. Sincerely,
- Robin N.
Could eye surgery give you a competitive edge?  Some dancers are turning to new surgical techniques to dance with clarity. You can too. By Edwin Brooks Maryann Comerford's life is a lot brighter and clearer these days. "Didn't even have to think about my glasses or contact lenses", the veteran competitive dancer quips after dancing a beautiful over-sway with her husband and partner Tom Comerford. The always cheerful, friendly Maryann feels that her life has been transformed. They just had lessons with a visiting coach and are feeling good about their dancing. Could it be her laser-perfect vision? Maryann felt she wanted to be free of her contact lenses when she decided to get the surgery last May, one week before her showcase spot at Ballroom, Etc. at Sea Girt, N.J. Her contacts had been a constant irritant and distraction. So that Monday, New Jersey Ophthalmic Surgeon Omar F. Almallah, M.D. of Toms River, N.J. carved Maryann a new pair of eyes. First came anesthetic eye drops, then the corneal surface was prepared for the Excimer laser. "You can hear the snapping sound of the laser" from the laser beam, Maryann says, "but there was no pain". Then every thing became clear. "It was dramatic" Maryann recalls. The next morning her distance vision was clear, but everything up close was a blur and she was more dependent on her reading glasses for fine print. Dr. Almallah explains "distance sighted patients after the age of 40-44 will generally need reading glasses for small and fine print". Within 4 days Maryann was reading the 20/20 line on the distant eye chart without her glasses or contacts. Doctor Almallah, an experienced eye surgeon who has performed more than 10,000 micro surgical procedures which include refractive intra-ocular procedures, RK, PRK, and LASIK, Lensectomy to successfully treat varying degrees of nearsightedness, far-sightedness, and astigmatism. Dr. Almallah cautions that the procedure is not for everyone --- not yet, anyway. "The procedure is still evolving and a complete eye examination is required to assure candidates qualify for the procedure, " he said. More people need to have this. It's wonderful waking up in the morning and reading the clock without reaching for my glasses.
- Maryann
This is a very late thank you and recommendation from Scottsdale AZ. I went to get my eyes checked last week and was a bit concerned when the Dr kept looking at my eyes. She asked me when I had Lasik done and I said maybe 10 or 15 years ago. She said the surgery was first class and could not believe that my vision still retained the results that I had 10 - 15 years ago. Cheers and many thanks to Dr. Omar Almallah!
- Lois C.