Myopia & Verisyse Lens

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Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a condition where you can see nearby objects clearly, but objects in the distance are blurred or unrecognizable.  Myopia is the result of a refractive error caused by the cornea of the eye being too steep.

Today, the most common treatment for myopia is LASIK, or some form of advanced laser vision surgery, which removes a small amount of cornea tissue to reduce the curvature of the cornea. However, LASIK is not the only option for treating myopia.

The Verisyse Lens

If you have a very high degree of myopia or thin corneas and may not be a good candidate for LASIK surgery, the Verisyse lens may be a better option.

Verisyse - very nearsighted and LASIK is not an optionThe Verisyse Lens is an FDA-approved, contact lens-like implant that is inserted behind the cornea to enhance the focusing power of your natural lens to correct your vision. Unlike LASIK, the procedure does not require any laser surgery to remove tissue from the cornea. Another important advantage of the Verisyse® lens is that while they can permanently correct your distance vision, in the unlikely event a patient experiences any negative side effects after surgery, the lens can usually be remove or replaced.

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