Monovision Treatment for Presbyopia

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It is an unfortunate truth that most of us, as we get closer to 40 years old or so, will start to notice a decline in our vision. Books will be harder to see, your eyes will struggle to focus while sewing, or the computer screen might start to look blurry. These are all signs of presbyopia, or the diminishing ability to focus on near objects as you get older.

Presbyopia is extremely prevalent in the United States, and chances are you or someone you know has noticed that their vision is not quite what it used to be. Often, presbyopia is treated with either bifocal glasses or contact lenses, helping to improve blurring vision at close up distances.

Monovision as Treatment for Presbyopia

There are a variety of new ways for treatment of presbyopia that does not include bifocal lenses- and bifocals may not be the best method of treatment for everyone. Monovision is a treatment developed that views each eye as separate parts to your complete vision.

Monovision involves wearing a contact lens in one eye to correct distance vision and a different contact lens in the other eye to correct near vision. While this technique may seem odd at first, after some adjustment, patients report that they get used to their new vision technique and prefer it over bifocal lenses.

How Monovision Works

By having two different prescriptions of contact lenses, one eye becomes the eye used for distance and the other eye becomes used for objects close up. You don’t have to close the other eye while the contacts are in, rather use them both as you normally would. Monovision works to help you see clearly at all distances, however you will notice that one eye is your stronger eye depending on if you are looking at objects far away or close up. Some patients notice a slight blurriness in the opposite eye (for example in their ‘near eye’ when looking at objects from a distance) however after adjusting, the blurriness should be less noticeable.

Surgical Monovision

Monovision can also be implemented with corrective laser eye surgery such as LASIK or PRK. However, prior to making the leap to surgical monovision it is recommended to try out the contact lens option first to see if it is beneficial to you.

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