Medical Lasers

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Opthalmic laser surgery is one of the most important developments in ophthalmology in the past decade. The laser may be used on many parts of the eye and has been helpful in treating many different types of eye diseases. The laser works by emitting a narrow uniform light beam which, when focused through a microscope, produces either heat coagulation, cutting, or micro explosions in certain eye tissues.

Macular degeneration, when a treatable abnormal blood vessel is identified, can be treated with the laser. Opthalmic laser eye surgery can be used to treat glaucoma by improving fluid drainage which lowers the eye's pressure.

An “after-cataract”, which often develops following cataract surgery, can be painlessly treated with a laser beam. Laser surgery usually takes only a few moments to perform.

Diseases of the retina can be treated with the laser. Retinal tears or holes may be treated with laser coagulation so as to prevent retinal detachment. Diabetic retinopathy, a major cause of blindness, can be treated with the laser.

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