How Crystalens Works

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Intraocular lens (IOL) replacement for cataracts has been in practice for many years. While all IOLs restore sight after cataract surgery, not all mimic the way the natural lens work with the rest of the eye.

With Crystalens, the IOL now accommodates the way it works in your eye. Accommodation is the way the eye focuses on an image as it draws nearer or is pulled farther away from the eye. The natural lens curves to allow this focus to happen seamlessly. As we age accommodation declines so that objects are harder to focus on. When the natural lens needs to be removed, as with cataract surgery, the IOL takes over focusing ability.

Many IOLs may be monofocal or multifocal, but the patient may still have to wear glasses or corrective lenses to see either near or far. Crystalens is the only FDA-approved IOL that focuses like the natural lens and studies have shown it can restore most patients’ vision back to near perfect 20/20, and if glasses are needed, it is a weak prescription that is used.


The cataract surgical procedure involves making an incision in the eye, breaking up the natural lens, extracting it then implanting the Crystalens IOL. Because numbing eye drops are used, you won’t feel a thing. This is done in an outpatient setting, so you will be able to return home the same day you have your Crystalens IOL implanted.

Crystalens is designed in such a way that the optic part of the lens moves back and forth as you change focus. Because the human eye is constantly changing its focus, Crystalens is able to accommodate these changes by flexing as your ciliary muscles, the muscles in your eye, flex.

When you focus on something near to you, the ciliary muscle contracts and gently moves the lens forward. When you focus on something midrange, the ciliary muscles relax, which allows the lens to reshape. Focusing on something in the distance will set the lens further back. In all cases you will be able to see as you would with your natural lens.

Crystalens IOLs have been implanted in hundreds of patients, and FDA studies have shown that almost 100% of these patients achieve vision that they may have had in their mid-40’s or even younger.

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