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Glaucoma is an eye disease which is one of the leading causes of blindness in the United States. Glaucoma is fairly common in adults over age 35. Two out of every 100 persons in this age group have vision threatened by this disease. When diagnosed early, blindness from glaucoma is almost always preventable.

There are two major types of glaucoma. Angle closure glaucoma can result in sudden rise in eye pressure with pain, foggy vision and optic nerve damage if not quickly treated. Open angle glaucoma is more common and produces slow progressive nerve damage and loss of peripheral vision over many months when not controlled.

The key to preventing optic nerve damage or blindness from glaucoma is early diagnosis and treatment. An ophthalmologist is the medical doctor who is specifically trained to diagnose and treat this condition. Glaucoma is usually controlled with eye drops given once to 4 times daily. Sometimes laser treatments and/or surgery are needed to control the pressure in the eye and prevent further damage from occurring, and to preserve existing vision. All our physicians are trained in the management of glaucoma.

Canaloplasty is one of several newer surgical alternatives to lower pressure for patients with glaucoma. It takes advantage of the eye's drainage system to safely treat elevated pressure. Learn more about Canaloplasty here

For more information about glaucoma, visit the The Glaucoma Foundation Website.

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