Questions about Crystalens

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What is Crystalens, and how is it different from other lens implants?

Crystalens is what is known as a multifocal intraocular lens. Such lenses are designed to focus on near, mid-range, and distant objects. While lens implants have been around for decades, earlier IOLs did not have the range of focus capabilities that today’s implants have. Older lens designs allowed you to focus only in near-range, for example, requiring that you wear glasses for mid-range focus or distant focus.

Am I a good candidate for a Crystalens implant?

If your general health and eye health is good, and you have not had cataract surgery before, then you are very likely a prime candidate for a Crystalens implant. There are some health conditions that may affect your candidacy - uncontrolled diabetes or chronic infection, for example. Be sure to let your eye doctor know about any chronic health issues you may have to ensure that Crystalens is safe for you.

I’ve had corneal refractive surgery before. Am I still a candidate for Crystalens?

People who have had LASIK, Advanced Surface Ablation, or any other refractive surgery are generally good candidates for Crystalens. In other words, prior refractive surgery does not prohibit you from getting a lens implant as long as your eye is otherwise healthy.

What potential complications should I be concerned about?

Complications are very rare, but they do occur. Endophthalmitis, glaucoma, retinal detachment, hemorrhage, and other problems that may arise during the procedure itself are the main concerns.

Will I have problems with night vision or light sensitivity?

You may experience some light sensitivity as the vision centers in your brain adjust to your new lens. The clarity of the Crystalens will make a significant difference in how bright and vivid colors will appear to you. Any light sensitivity should be temporary as your brain adjusts to your new lens, so be patient. Night glare is a common problem. This is a result of light reflecting off the edge of the lens as your pupil widens. There are a number of ways to remedy this problem, should it become debilitating.

Today’s IOLs are safer and more versatile than ever before. If you live in the New Jersey area and are interested in getting Crystalens, please contact our New Jersey cataract surgeon at 732-349-5622 today to arrange an appointment.