Cassini Diagnostic Device for Astigmatism

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Astigmatism is a common condition that causes blurry or distorted vision and trouble seeing at night. It occurs when the shape of your eye is not perfectly round. As an astigmatic patient pursuing eye surgery, you are more likely to experience the best outcome if the Cassini diagnostic tool is used to measure your eye.

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What is Cassini?

Cassini is at the forefront of modern eye care. It is a first-of-its-kind corneal diagnostic device designed to evaluate your astigmatism with precision.

Using multi-colored LED technology, Cassini allows for highly accurate measurements of your Total Corneal Astigmatism (TCA). That is critical information our eye surgeons need to plan and perform your procedure with the highest confidence.

Surgical Planning with Cassini

We use the Cassini to control better astigmatism treatment during the following procedures:

Your eyes are unique. Cassini maps and measures all eyes — even dry eyes and irregular corneas. That means every astigmatic patient can benefit from a procedure planned with Cassini.

Confident Cataract Treatment and Astigmatism Correction

A study found that over 40% of cataract patients have a level of astigmatism that can be corrected by a toric IOL. The Cassini diagnostic device addresses the four most common problems when correcting astigmatism during cataract surgery:

  • Pre-op measurements: Cassini reduces pre-operative measurement errors due to its precision and accuracy.
  • Accurate marking: Cassini helps eliminate manual marking errors.
  • Correct toric alignment: You demand perfection. Cassini helps ensure that your toric lens is placed in the ideal spot.
  • Post-op measurement: Accurate post-op measurements allow our surgeons to optimize the Surgically Induced Astigmatism (SIA) for best results.

Cassini diagnostic device Cassini performs something called iris registration, which tracks landmarks in the patient’s iris, so when the patient lays flat on the CATALYS® laser bed, it finds those same marks and automatically registers the iris to match up to the exact rotation.

That is important because when the patient lays down, the eye frequently rotates — sometimes as much as 20 degrees — changing the axis of the astigmatism. The iris registration puts the axis back to where it belongs. Otherwise, the patient gets an off axis treatment that is not as effective in reducing astigmatism.

Astigmatism and Cataract Surgery FAQ

Does Astigmatism Get Worse After Cataract Surgery?

In many cases, astigmatism can get worse after cataract surgery if a non-toric IOL is implanted. It is important to explore the advanced surgical options that can treat your cataracts along with astigmatism and other visual issues. Using the Cassini diagnostic device alongside cataract surgery with toric IOLs can help ensure great outcomes.

Should Astigmatism be Corrected During Cataract Surgery?

Taking advantage of the opportunity to treat astigmatism and cataracts during the same procedure can be very beneficial. Always consider your options for correcting astigmatism during cataract surgery. That way, you can make an informed choice about whether it makes sense for your situation and the results you want to achieve.

Is a Toric Lens Worth the Cost?

Toric lenses give cataract patients a viable treatment option for astigmatism. Patients can enjoy sharper and clearer vision after getting these lenses implanted. Because IOLs last a lifetime, most people find them to be a worthwhile investment.

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The Cassini diagnostic device allows us to correct astigmatism during eye surgeries such as LASIK, cataract removal, and LRIs more reliably than ever before. Learn how this advanced technology can benefit you and your vision.

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