Will LASIK Help My Night Vision?

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Posted: September 7, 2017
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LASIK can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism by reshaping the cornea to enable light to focus properly on the retina for clearer vision. Many patients report improved night vision with LASIK vision correction.

In a study conducted by the Navy Refractive Surgery Center of the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, researchers found that for patients who underwent traditional bladed microkeratome LASIK, between 2% and 7% of patients had a significant postoperative improvement in night driving simulator testing. For patients who underwent wave-front guided LASIK (often called bladeless LASIK), 11% to 31% saw a significant improvement in night driving simulator testing.

In the early years of LASIK, one of the side effects that patients were often warned about and experienced was the possibility of seeing halos or glares around lights at night. However, as technology has advanced, these risks have decreased.

At Susskind & Almallah Eye Associates we use advanced technologies, such as the VISX S4 Excimer Laser System with WaveFront guided refractive surgery. We are committed to offering our patients state-of-the-art technology for optimum results.

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