Will I Need LASIK More Than Once?

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How Often Do I Need LASIK

LASIK surgery is a permanent solution for vision correction because it corrects the cause of your blurry vision by reshaping the cornea. The majority of patients who undergo LASIK do not need to wear glasses or contacts after their procedure.

However, as you probably know, your eyes can change over time. Just as you may have experienced minor changes in your glasses prescription over time, you may experience the need for a touch-up procedure.

It is important to maintain your annual eye exam schedule with your doctor to monitor your vision and the overall health of your eyes as you age. If your vision changes, then we can discuss your options for corrective lenses or an enhancement procedure.

LASIK also does not eliminate the need for reading glasses since age-related vision issues are not caused by the shape of your cornea but rather the hardening of your lens. As your eyes change with age, you may still require reading glasses in the future.

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