Will I Be Awake During LASIK?

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Posted: January 31, 2018

woman-thinking-glasses-AdobeStock_153836057.jpegThis is a common question that we hear from patients who are considering LASIK, and during our consultations with LASIK patients, we find that it stems from some of the common misconceptions that surround LASIK and lead to fear of the procedure.

The short answer is yes. You will be awake for your LASIK procedure. But that should not worry you at all. Here we explain why. 

LASIK Is Not Painful

One of the reasons we find that patients are hesitant to be awake during LASIK is the fear of feeling pain. They fear that being awake for a surgical procedure means that they will feel discomfort during the eye operation. However, with LASIK, you should not feel any discomfort. Some patients report feeling a light pressure on the eye, but that is all.

For LASIK, you will take a mild oral sedation and receive numbing drops in each eye before the procedure. So although you will be awake for LASIK, you will feel relaxed and comfortable.

You Can’t Blink

Many patients have the concern that if they are awake during LASIK, they will blink and mess up the operation. This fear is easy to dispel. Although you are awake during LASIK, your head will be held in a comfortable, stable position and a special retainer will prevent you from blinking during the few minutes that surgery lasts.

LASIK Is Quick

The word “surgery” is often associated with long hours in the waiting room, and LASIK candidates fear that will mean hours of laying awake in an operating room. However, LASIK surgery is a very quick, efficient, and effective procedure. The LASIK procedure only takes about 10 minutes to perform on each eye, and the actual time that lasers are in contact with your eye only lasts for a few seconds.

You will likely be seeing more clearly before your ride home has time to finish checking their social media.

You’ve Selected Experienced LASIK Surgeons

At Susskind & Almallah Eye Associates, we have performed thousands of microsurgical procedures. Patient safety and satisfaction are our priorities. We use the latest, state-of-the-art laser vision correction technology to endure that our patients get the best results possible.

During your consultation, we encourage you to ask questions about LASIK and voice your concerns and hesitations about the procedure. We want you to feel safe, comfortable, and confident in selecting the right laser vision correction surgery with our doctors.

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