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There are several visual complications that are more common as you get older. One such complication is cataracts. According to the National Eye Institute, more than half of all Americans either have a cataract or have had cataract surgery by the time they are 80. If you suffer from this eye condition, it is important to get treatment before your visual health worsens.

Couple after cataract treatment in New Jersey While it may seem intimidating, it is actually quite easy to start the treatment process for cataracts. The first step is to schedule a comprehensive eye examination, where our ophthalmologists will thoroughly examine your eyes and discuss the ways this condition is affecting your life.

If you are experiencing mild symptoms, a new prescription may be enough to make your vision better for a while. However, surgery is the only way to remove cataracts. If your cataracts are significantly affecting your ability to perform your day-to-day tasks, our ophthalmologists may recommend surgery. Roughly 90 percent of our patients choose to have cataract surgery with the Catalys® Precision Laser System.

The benefits of the Catalys® system include:

  • Faster treatment time
  • Faster vision recovery
  • Increased surgical precision
  • Reduced healing time
  • Simultaneously corrects astigmatism

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Dr. Omar Almallah has performed over 21,000 cataract surgeries. Our staff utilizes our experience, education, and the latest technology to help you see clearly.

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