Is There Something in Your Eye?

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Woman with something in her eyeIf dirt, dust, or an eyelash gets in your eye, resist the impulse to rub it. Instead, try flushing these tiny particles with a few drops of artificial tears or water (using an eye cup or small glass). Fill the glass with water and place the lower rim of the glass on the bone at the base of the eye socket. Slowly tip the glass upward, and let the water run over your opened eye. Otherwise, have someone inspect your eye by gently pulling your lower lid downward while you look upward. Then, reverse the procedure for the upper lid. If the foreign object can be located, have it removed with a moistened swab or clean cloth.

If an object is embedded in the eyeball, doesn’t move with blinking, causes pain or sensitivity to light, or decreases vision, do not attempt to remove it yourself. Instead, seek emergency care.

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