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Half of the adults reading this column have a refractive error. This assertion is based
on data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), which
shows that about half of all U.S. adults are either nearsighted or farsighted or have an
irregular corneal curve known as astigmatism. These common eye-focusing problems,
known collectively as “refractive errors,” affect young, old, and middle-aged people of
all races. According to researchers, 3.6 percent of those surveyed were farsighted and
about one-third were nearsighted. Slightly more than 36 percent were found to have some
form of astigmatism. The high prevalence of refractive errors among the population may
be due to the heavier loads placed upon the eyes by TV, computers, and video games.
How refractive errors are treated or managed depends upon the amount and severity
of the condition. Do you need more information?