Responding to Pressure

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Because glaucoma may initially cause no symptoms, it is important to detect it early with a comprehensive eye exam. At that point, the eye doctor will carefully inspect the optic nerve at the back of the eye and measure eye pressure. Both “open-angle glaucoma” and “closed-angle glaucoma” involve elevated inner eye pressure. However, in about one-third of all cases, eye pressure remains in the normal range, but optic nerve damage still occurs. Because “normal-tension glaucoma” can still result in optic nerve damage, it is important that it be treated. Research shows that, even if a patient’s eye pressure is still in the normal range, lowering the pressure can prevent optic nerve damage from worsening.    

P.S. Treatment for glaucoma to improve the eye’s natural drainage or create a new route for drainage may include medications, laser treatment, or eye surgery.