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Posted: October 7, 2020

Man preparing for LASIK consultation While LASIK benefits many people, it’s not the ideal choice for everyone. You should talk to our New Jersey LASIK surgeons about your lifestyle, general and eye health, expectations, and other unique circumstances before deciding to move forward with vision correction surgery.

Not sure where to start? Ask the following questions during your consultation.

Does my eyeglass prescription qualify for LASIK?

The FDA has approved LASIK to correct certain degrees of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Our ophthalmologists will determine if your prescription falls within the treatable range. People with extreme levels of refractive error may not be candidates for LASIK.

Having stable vision is also a must. That means that your prescription has not changed much in the past two years.  

Am I at an ideal age and stage of life to have LASIK?

LASIK patients must be 18 years or older. Your vision is more likely to have stopped changing by age 21, so waiting a few years could be ideal for younger individuals.

You aren’t eligible for LASIK if you’re currently pregnant or nursing. That’s because it’s common to experience changes to the thickness and shape of your cornea during pregnancy. Prospective patients over the age of 40-45 should also be aware of the changes in visual acuity that come with age.

Do any of my eye conditions or health conditions affect my LASIK candidacy?

Your corneas need to be sufficiently thick and healthy for LASIK. Your overall eye health should be good as well.

You may not be a candidate for LASIK if you have eye conditions such as dry eyes, cataracts, or glaucoma. Some health conditions, such as diabetes and autoimmune diseases, can also rule out LASIK as a viable option.

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