A Possible Cause of Drooping Eyelids

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One of the first symptoms experienced by those suffering from the condition known as “myasthenia gravis,” a chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disease that causes weakness in the skeletal muscles, is drooping of one or both eyelids.

Man with double vision getting eye examMore than half of those who develop myasthenia gravis experience first signs and symptoms of the condition that involve eye problems. Along with “ptosis” (eyelid droopiness), myasthenia gravis patients may also experience “diplopia” (double vision) in addition to other symptoms elsewhere in their bodies. The double vision (diplopia) that is associated with myasthenia gravis may be horizontal or vertical. It improves or resolves when one eye is closed. Symptoms of ptosis and diplopia can both be explained by an interruption in the communication that normally takes place between nerves and muscles. Once diagnosed (sometimes with the help of an ophthalmologist), there are various medical treatments for myasthenia gravis.   

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