Night Watch

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Poor night vision can create problems with driving at night and can have several causes, one of the most common of which is nearsightedness. In these cases, an eye exam and an updated corrective-lens prescription may help. Other possible causative factors include cataracts, which helps explain why poor night vision so often afflicts older adults. As the lens of the eye becomes clouded, the amount of light reaching the retina is reduced. Fortunately, this problem can be alleviated with cataract surgery. Poor night vision can also result from taking certain glaucoma medications or from conditions such as “diabetic retinopathy” (caused by weakened retinal arteries) or “retinitis pigmentosa” (which can produce retinal degeneration and vision loss). 

P.S. Older adults should not accept changes in vision as a natural part of aging. The eye doctor can identify causes and treat them.