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New contact lens materials and designs are changing the way wearers are utilizing contacts to improve their vision. Based on data involving approximately 7,700 contact lens fittings, a recent survey reveals that contact wearers prefer soft contacts over hard contacts by a 9:1 ratio. Currently worn by nearly three-fourths of contact lens users, silicon hydrogel lenses have a water content of greater than 60% that is more compatible with the cornea. The survey also notes increased use of daily disposable lenses, which now account for nearly 30% of prescriptions. In addition, soft toric lenses are gaining favor for their ability to treat astigmatism, while older presbyopic patients are turning to multifocal contact lenses that correct both near and distant vision.

P.S. According to the survey mentioned above, multipurpose lens care solutions are now used by at least 90% of patients, who recognize their safety and convenience advantages over previous cleaning and storage systems.