LASIK Follow-Up Treatments and Enhancements

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While the vast majority of our LASIK patients are satisfied with the results of their initial surgery, there are instances when a patient requests or may require an enhancement.
We will perform a follow-up LASIK enhancement if you are unsatisfied with the initial result and it is reasonable to do so, or as a corrective measure due to complications during the surgery or healing process.

Generally speaking, we do not recommend follow-up enhancements unless you are left unable to perform necessary activities as a result of your surgery. With an enhancement come all the risks of the initial surgery, so the choice to undergo an enhancement should be taken just as seriously.

We typically allow 3 to 4 months to pass before considering a follow-up enhancement. This time allows the eye to heal from the initial surgery and the vision to stabilize. It is important to be patient while your eye heals, as it is very likely that the quality of your vision will fluctuate during this time. If you are unable to perform necessary tasks at any time during these first few months due to vision problems, we will gladly provide glasses for you to wear temporarily until your vision stabilizes and an enhancement becomes feasible.

It is important to have realistic expectations before choosing to undergo LASIK surgery. Additionally, there are many factors which will affect your satisfaction with the results of your LASIK procedure. Your eye doctor will discuss these with you in depth during your initial consultation and examination. If you live in the New Jersey area and are considering LASIK surgery, or have any further questions about the LASIK procedure, please contact us today to arrange a consultation.