LASIK and Pregnancy

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We advise women who are pregnant or nursing not to undergo LASIK or any other similar refractive surgery until nursing is complete and several months have passed. We give the same advice to women who plan on becoming pregnant within six months following refractive surgery. There are a couple reasons for this:

Pregnancy and lactation naturally cause huge fluctuations in a woman’s hormone levels. What many women are not aware of is the fact that these hormonal fluctuations can have a direct and significant effect on vision and the degree of their refractive error. In fact, it is common for pregnant women to experience periods of increased nearsightedness during gestation.

In order for us to get an accurate measurement of a woman’s refractive error, her hormone levels need to be relatively stable. Measuring refractive error during pregnancy or lactation will inevitably give us unreliable data to work from. Working from unreliable measurements almost ensures a less-than-optimal surgical outcome.

Another important thing to consider is the possibility of complications resulting from the refractive surgery itself. In the event that there are complications, it may be necessary to administer certain medications that may be harmful to the infant - whether the infant is in-utero or breastfeeding.

If you live in the New Jersey area and are considering refractive surgery, or have further concerns about how refractive surgery may affect pregnancy or nursing, please contact us today to arrange a personal consultation.