LASIK and Night Vision

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Many of our prospective LASIK patients come to us with concerns that their night vision might be compromised as a result of the surgery. We understand this concern, as many of our patients’ livelihoods depend upon a lot of nighttime activity, particularly driving. Post-LASIK night vision problems have been a prohibitive risk for many patients in the past. Fortunately, improved LASIK technology and refined surgical techniques have come a long way in eliminating most post-surgical night vision complications.

You will be screened for risk factors during your initial consultation with one of our eye doctors. If you have large pupils, then you are at an increased risk for post-LASIK night vision problems. Those with more severe myopia or astigmatism are also at a greater risk. Once these risk factors are identified, your eye doctor can adjust your procedure accordingly. Please note that if you have an extreme form of any of these risk factors, LASIK may not be right for you.

Today’s technology allows eye doctors to create what is called a “blend zone” around the laser treatment site. The ability to create and manipulate this blend zone allows a skilled eye doctor to greatly reduce or eliminate night vision problems. In fact, many of our patients who had night vision issues before LASIK now have no such problems.

All LASIK patients should expect some night glare, haloes, or rings during the first few weeks of recovery. These conditions should go away as the corneal flap heals and swelling subsides.

In order to avoid post-LASIK night vision problems, it is crucial that your eye doctor has the most up-to-date excimer laser technology. At Susskind & Almallah Eye Associates we not only have the technology, we also have the experience necessary to make sure your risk of post-LASIK night vision problems is minimized. If you live in the New Jersey area, please contact us today to arrange an appointment.