How To Prevent Cataracts From Getting Worse

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Posted: October 14, 2020

The truth is that it can be difficult to prevent cataracts. They are quite common as you get older and typically form due to normal changes in your eyes. However, the following practices may be able to slow the progression of early-stage cataracts and delay the need for surgery.

Avoid Ultraviolet Light

Woman protecting eyes with sunglasses Ultraviolet (UV) radiation can damage the delicate tissues in your eye. Too much exposure to UV light increases your risk of eye conditions like cataracts and can enhance cataract progression.

Reducing the amount of UV light that reaches your eyes is one of the most helpful ways to prevent cataracts from getting worse. Remember to wear sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection and a hat with a brim.

Be Mindful When Using Steroid Eyedrops

Steroid eyedrops have their place and can help treat problems such as inflammation and irritation. However, they can also affect your eyes and vision.

Certain steroids are known to increase a person’s risk of developing cataracts. In general, the longer you take steroids, the higher your chance of experiencing a complication. Our board-certified ophthalmologists can determine if steroid eyedrops are absolutely necessary in your situation or if you should avoid them.

Change Your Diet

Studies suggest that eating foods high in vitamins C and E may help prevent cataracts and slow their growth. You can get vitamin C from citrus, tomatoes, kiwi, broccoli, and other sources. For vitamin E, turn to vegetable oils, nuts, and green vegetables.

Other vitamins that could help protect your eyes include zeaxanthin and lutein. Good sources of these vitamins are eggs and leafy greens.

Get Individualized Recommendations Today

Many people over the age of 50 will develop early cataracts. Our ophthalmologists can discuss cataract management with you during an appointment. We may be able to suggest additional best practices, including lifestyle changes, that are unique to your situation.

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