How Many Days Rest is Required After Lasik Surgery?

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Posted: December 23, 2020

Woman recovering from Lasik We’ve all had to make changes this year, whether that means working from home or dialing back our social lives. But those changes come with a surprising benefit: It’s more convenient to accommodate LASIK recovery than ever before!

Like many others, you may have realized there’s room in your schedule for vision correction surgery — not that the procedure needs much downtime. Most people return to their routines within one or two days after LASIK. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Immediate results. Nearly all our patients enjoy immediate results following LASIK surgery. You will be able to focus, but your eyes may feel tired or slightly scratchy at first.
  • Minimal downtime. Remember that you’ll need to arrange a ride home after your procedure. When you get back, it’s important to rest for at least four hours. Your eyes should remain closed during this time. Try taking a nap or listening to a podcast.
  • Manageable activity restrictions. There are a few things that you’ll need to avoid right after having LASIK. For example, watching TV is a no-go because it can cause eye strain. Things like strenuous exercise and swimming are also prohibited. Our eye surgeons will provide a complete list of manageable activity restrictions, which shouldn’t disrupt your routine very much.

Remember that while most people notice an instant improvement in their vision, it takes the eye anywhere from three to six months to recover completely. That’s why it’s crucial to follow-up with our doctors as advised.

Plan to come in for a postoperative appointment one week after your LASIK surgery. We’ll also schedule visits one month and six months out to track your progress.

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