How the AcrySof ReSTOR Lens Works

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Multi-focal intraocular lenses are used to approach the accommodation processes of your eye more closely. The AcrySof ReSTOR IOL from Alcon is one of several multi-focal lenses available for lens replacement surgery. There are two technologies involved with these lenses and this is how the AcrySof ReSTOR lenses work.

  • Apodized diffraction - Small concentric rings of differing diffractive values allow accommodation or focusing at various distances, not simply near or far distances. The apodized section of the lens is in the interior portion and has 12 concentric steps of decreasing depth, mimicking natural lens focusing.
  • Refraction - The refractive part of the lens is situated to the outside and helps refract light when the pupils are dilated, for more effective distance vision.

Together these technologies provide you with a much greater range with fewer visual disturbances.

The AcrySof ReSTOR IOL is the only multi-focal lens with apodized diffractive technology. The lens gives the cataract or presbyopia patients like you an increased range of vision and helps eliminate the need for any type of additional corrective lenses.

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