Halloween Eye Safety: Prevent Infection and Injury

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Posted: October 5, 2021

Ghosts aren’t the only things to be worried about this October. Some scary threats to your eye health are lurking in popular costume accessories and makeup products. If you want to dress up without risking your vision, follow these suggestions from our skilled ophthalmologists:

  • Halloween eye safety infographicNever share makeup: Let’s say your friend has the perfect shade of eyeliner or mascara to complete your look. There’s no harm in borrowing it, right? Well, swapping cosmetics can actually put you at risk for eye infections. Just one swipe of someone else’s product is enough to pass on pink eye, styes, staph, or other serious and uncomfortable issues. It’s much safer to purchase your own makeup, even if you will only use it once.
  • Avoid cosmetics with glitter or sparkles: Some costumes may feel incomplete without a bit of shimmer on the eyelids. However, glitter and sparkles can be dangerous. If a stray flake falls into your eye, it may cause irritation, inflammation, or a scratch. Craft glitter is particularly problematic because it can have sharp and jagged corners.
  • Toss out expired makeup products: Makeup doesn’t stay good forever. It can break down and get clumpy. Worse, it can harbor a lot of harmful bacteria. That means whatever you purchased for your costume last year is probably well past its prime.
  • Don’t buy non-prescription costume contacts: All contact lenses require a prescription in order to be safe. The problem with cheap costume contacts is that they are not fitted for you. As a result, they can cause corneal ulcers, scratches, infections, and even blindness. These issues are not worth changing your eye color for a night. 

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