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Fibromyalgia is a multimodal disease that produces pain and lethargy (among a variety of other symptoms) that may be caused by a number of undetermined factors. The overwhelming characteristic of fibromyalgia is longstanding pain at defined tender points (myofascial trigger points). Fibromyalgia patients are also afflicted with chronic fatigue, malaise, dizziness, numbness, tingling, a swollen feeling in tissues, and stiffness. Recently, researchers have also found that fibromyalgia sufferers are hypersensitive to everyday sensory stimulation, including sight, sound, and touch. As a result, they may experience difficulty processing everyday sights, which is something that the eye doctor can help ascertain with a comprehensive eye exam. This may be one more clue to determining fibromyalgia’s cause(s).  


P.S. Fibromyalgia remains a mysterious disease, but the research noted above suggests that it may have its origins in the processing centers of the brain and the sensory nerve fibers in blood vessels.