"Femto" Precision Laser Cataract Surgery

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Posted: October 17, 2014

The Catalys laser is similar to the femtosecond laser technology used in LASIK laser vision correction. This laser replaces the most technically demanding steps in cataract surgery that previously were performed manually. The Catalys assists Dr. Almallah and Dr. Pidduck in performing previously manually performed parts of the procedure with much more precision the initial incisions in the cornea, creation of the opening in the lens capsule perfectly centered on the pupil and the laser fragmentation and softening of the cataract. The manual approach limits predictability and precision and can potentially affect visual outcomes and complication rates.

“The precision of the Catalys (Femto) laser allows more perfect centration of the intra-ocular lens,” says Dr. Almallah.“Regardless of how good a surgeon is, the surgeon's hand cannot be as precise as a laser beamin making incisions. This is the greatest advance in cataract surgery in my 25 year career as an eye surgeon.” “We always strive to bring the latest technology to our patients. The addition of the Catalys (Femto) laser will deliver more accurate results with faster recovery times,” Dr. Almallah said. “Since astigmatism is corrected simultaneously, most patients do not require distance spectacle correction to drive. If the Catalys laser cataract surgery is combined with the Tecnis Multifocal® intra-ocular lens, reading glasses can be eliminated after cataract surgery.” The laser additionally works with Crystalens, Trulign, and toric premium lenses to allow patients to enjoy less dependence on spectacles for activities of daily living.

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