Eyelid Inflammation

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Chronic inflammation of the eyelids, known as “blepharitis,” is often associated with inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and acne rosacea (a condition common among postmenopausal women). When flare-ups occur, those affected with the inflammation experience red eyes, a burning/gritty sensation in the eye, swollen/itchy eyelids, flaking of the eyelid skin, crusting eyelashes, and blurred vision. In addition to these very uncomfortable symptoms, blepharitis causes the eyes and eyelids to become more susceptible to infection. Eyelashes may also fall out or grow abnormally. While there is no cure, symptoms and flare-ups can be greatly reduced with a regimen of eyelid cleansing and care. This treatment begins with a thorough eye exam that rules out other causes of symptoms.

Blepharitis may be caused by a combination of factors. At SUSSKIND & ALMALLAH EYE ASSOCIATES, P.A., we want to emphasize that periodic eye examinations are an important part of routine preventive health care. Early diagnosis and treatment are important for maintaining good vision, when possible, preventing permanent vision loss.