Dry Eyes and Sjögren’s Syndrome

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Woman with dry eyesOne of the most common reasons for visits to the ophthalmologist is dry eyes, which is estimated to affect nearly half (48 percent) of adults over age 18. There are a number of causes of “dry eye syndrome,” including the inability of the Meibomian glands to secrete sufficient amounts of oil for tears, or failure of the lacrimal glands to produce enough watery fluid (aqueous) to keep the eyes adequately moistened. In addition to diagnosing and treating these and other causes, dry-eye patients who do not show improvement after treatment should be tested for Sjögren’s syndrome. This autoimmune disease, which is characterized by dryness of the mouth and the eyes, is often overlooked as a cause of dry eyes. As a consequence of Sjögren’s syndrome, inflammation of the glands that produce tears (lacrimal glands) leads to decreased water production for tears and dry eyes.

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