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At Susskind and Almallah Eye Associates, PA we help answer the age old question, "why is it that when we get older, our near vision gets worse?" The answer is Presbyopia. Presbyopia is an age related condition that affects the lens of the eye in a way that keeps the eye from accommodating or focusing clearly up close.

A quick fix may be a cheap pair of reading glasses or cheaters as they are also know, but most people find it an inconvenience to keep multiple pairs around the house and in their car. There is another option though. Crystalens® is a "premium" intraocular accommodating lens implant commonly associated with cataract surgery, but can also be used to treat Presbyopia. Crystalens is the ONLY FDA-approved accommodating lens available in the United States. More than twice the number of patients implanted with the Crystalens can see at all distances compared to standard lens implants, giving patients that otherwise would have had to wear reading glasses a youthful way to see the world again.

"As a successful interior designer with a very active lifestyle, my eyes are very important to me. I also enjoy traveling and spending time outdoors. I can't believe how well my vision is now that I have Crystalens."
Mary Campbell

More often, patients in their 40's, 50's and early 60's are researching their options for corrective eye surgery and realizing that lens replacement with Crystalens is the way to go when they have been diagnosed with either presbyopia or cataracts. An added bonus with Crystalens surgery for presbyopia is that patients will not have to undergo cataract surgery later in life. The reason Crystalens offers such superior results is based primarily on its design, which mimics the eyes natural muscle "flexes" to accommodate near, far and everywhere in between. Omar F. Almallah, MD, FACS, FABES is a premier ophthalmic surgeon and is the areas market leader having performed hundreds of crystalens procedures here at the Jersey Shore. Dr. Almallah routinely attends the ASCRS (American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery) meetings, an international educational and scientific organization with 9000 member ophthalmologists, where he has spoken on the techniques he uses to make crystalens so successful in his own practice.

"At age 60, as my cataract worsened, I was forced to do something, or stop working, but retirement is not an option for me. I work with computers as a Quality Control systems tester and I rely heavily on my eyesight for observing patters to detect system errors. I also drive 27 miles to get to work everyday in congested traffic.

Having the Crystalens procedure performed by Dr. Almallah definitely increased my quality of life. I have no doubt about it! Thanks, so much."
Richard Goldgraben

In a clinical study performed in the United States, crystalens® was implanted in 497 eyes in 324 adult patients over 50 years of age. The results showed that most of the patients that underwent crystalens® implantation in both eyes had vision that was good enough to pass a driver's licensure exam. All patients had good "intermediate" vision; simply meaning they could see their computer screen or items at an arm's length without their glasses. Amazingly, 98.4% of patients in this study could read print the size of stock quotes in the newspaper or phone numbers in the telephone book without glasses. In addition, patient questionnaires have shown that 93% of patients involved in this study and having the crystalens® implanted in both eyes, state that they can perform most daily activities such as shopping or applying makeup without the use of their glasses. If you have noticed that your vision seems to be failing you, we encourage you to come in for a thorough eye exam to determine if you are presbyopic or if cataracts are present. The doctor will discuss with you the options now available for vision restoration.

Dr. Almallah is a Board Certified ophthalmologist both by the American Board of Ophthalmology and the American Board of Eye Surgeons. His primary practice is devoted to eye surgery and he has been practicing in Toms River and the surrounding communities for the last twenty years. He is internationally recognized as a refractive ocular surgeon and is acknowledged by his peers as one of the finest and most skilled eye surgeons. In fact, patients have traveled from England, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Korea, India and across the United States to have their eye surgery performed by Dr. Almallah. He has also operated on several ophthalmologists. Dr. Almallah graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Pittsburgh and received his Doctorate of Medicine from Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia. His training to be an eye specialist was at Temple University Hospital where he was ranked number 1 out of 500 applicants for one of 3 very coveted training positions. He completed his residency and was Chief Resident his senior year at the Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia.

Dr. Almallah evaluates every surgical candidate personally and applies his extensive knowledge in ocular surgery to educate patients and their families to the appropriateness of recommending particular ocular procedures to patients. When he does recommend a procedure, it's with great confidence that the patient will benefit. One of the many conveniences offered to Dr. Almallah's patients is that the surgery center where he performs Crystalens and cataract procedures is located just next door to his main office in Toms River, giving his patient's the comfort of familiar surroundings with less travel time.

Susskind & Almallah Eye Associates, PA have five convenient locations in Ocean and Monmouth counties for medical and routine eye exams, contact lens fits, glaucoma treatment, cataract evaluations, LASIK evaluations and consultations for "premium" cataract lens upgrades such as Crystalens and also Verisyse lens evaluations and surgery for patients with high nearsightedness corrections.

To schedule an evaluation with Dr. Almallah, simply contact Ed Brooks at the Toms River location at 732-349-5622 ext. 37.