AcrySof ReSTOR Lens Procedure

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Treatment for cataracts used to be limited to replacing your cloudy lens with a mono-focal type intraocular lens (IOL). These lenses would limit your focus ability to just one distance, near of far. Additional vision correction was treated with an extra pair of glasses. With new multi-focal lenses like AcrySof ReSTOR, your near and far vision is corrected with one lens implant.

The surgical procedure to replace the natural crystalline lens of your eye with an AcrySof ReSTOR lens is called refractive lens exchange. During this surgery, the natural lens of the eye is broken up with the use of lasers and removed. The ReSTOR lens is put in place in the area where the lens was removed.

The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and you should expect to be at the surgery center for a few hours. You should see improvement in your vision almost immediately. You can return to normal activities right away, but recommend 1 to 2 full days of rest before going back to work.

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